Ready to start.

One month ago, I was laid off from Vocativ along with 20+ extremely talented individuals. All of whom I am positive will find great gigs, if they haven't already. Normally, anyone would be upset about losing their job, but I had a gigantic smile on my face. That's when I knew... I was ready.

 So, here I am. A free agent. An illustrator, Designer, Art Director. Free at last. 

I'm very excited to take this step in my career. I have been sitting on the edge of the diving board, dipping my toe in the pool for years now. It was time I dive in. So, I'm thankful to Vocativ, for that final push. I needed it. And now I'm never looking back. 

So, here I am. And here you are. Let's make something beautiful together.


Keepin' up with the Combses

I'm very excited to announce that I will be working at Gawker Media as their Staff Illustrator starting June 16th! I'm so thankful to Jim Cooke for bringing me on to the team and absolutely cannot wait to start. I will still be freelancing as my schedule allows it. :)

Below are my first 2 illos for Gawker:

Hot & Bothered - Solo Show

Thank you to everyone who came out on Valentine's Day! The opening and show have been a huge success. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity. Hot & Bothered closes this Friday, March 14th. A HUGE thank you to Brion Issacs at Rivington Design house for being so awesome and letting me use the space! Below are some photos from the opening reception.




"Mating Rituals"  Ink & gouache

"Mating Rituals"

Ink & gouache

Ink & gouache

Ink & gouache

Tae Querney

Tae Querney

Matt Kerestesy & Brion Issacs

Matt Kerestesy & Brion Issacs

Tote-ally Hot & Bothered


New totes for the opening reception of my solo show "Hot & Bothered" at Rivington Design House this Friday, February 14th (7-10pm). The first 50 people get a free tote bag. :)

Looking forward to seeing everyone! 

Event Link Here






Hot & Bothered: A Solo Exhibition in NYC

It's Valentine's Day and I'm flying solo.

This is my first solo art exhibit in NYC and I'd love to celebrate with you. The reception is on February 14th from 7-10 at Rivington Design House in Soho. So bring a date, bring some friends, or bring your mom! Refreshments will be served. I'm looking forward to seeing you all there. :)

After party at good ol' Lady Jay's in Brooklyn. 
DJ set by Nicks N. Dimes

Rivington Design House
February, 14th, 7-10PM
(52 Kenmare Street, NYC 10012)

LadyJays Brooklyn
10:30 until they kick us out.
(633 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211)

February 14th – March 14th

Facebook Event Link



Coming soon... Hot & Bothered in NYC

Hi Everyone!!

Just a quick update to let you know that my solo art exhibit "Hot & Bothered" is opening on February 14th at Rivington Design House in NYC. Just in time for Valentine's day! So bring a date, bring some friends, or bring your mom! The show will be up from February 14th through March 14th. I'm looking forward to seeing you all there opening night. :)

xo, T


P.S. Here are a few images that will be in the show. <3

"Love is a Battlefield"

"Love is a Battlefield"

"Nothing Last Forever"

"Nothing Last Forever"


Month of Fear: What Lives Under My Bed

I was asked to participate in the weekly illustration challenge for Month of Fear. Kristina Carroll's love child, Month of Love , was such a hit that she decided to do it again for the frighteneing month of October. So, with that being said, here is my first post, "What Live's Under My Bed."

For those of you who have been to my house, you already know what lives under my bed. This space is occupied by the devil in a fur coat, A.K.A., Ms. Jackson (my darling feline friend). Quite a few of my friends can attest, nothing is more frightening than a run in with this beastie.




Painting on the Drums All Day

I recently painted a drum head for kick ass Brooklyn band and friends of mine, Raccoon Fighter. I'm always up for a new canvas so this was a nice change to the usual routine. I've done a lot of work for these guys over the years and it's always a pleasure. I have to say, they impress me with every new song. You can download their new album here. They're definitely worth giving a listen!




New Work for Instigatorzine

Narciso Espiritu, Jr. asked me to contribute to IZ20, the Nostalgia Issue. The short story I illustrated was Jack and the Brick Wall: Day 35 by Abby Slovin. You can read that story, amongst many others, when you pick up your copy in September!


Jack illo 1 web.jpg
Jack illo 2 web.jpg
Jack illo 3 web.jpg
Jack illo 4 web.jpg

Fashion Sketch Night

Last night the Society of Illustrators hosted a Fashion Lingerie themed sketch night. I had to stay for this one. Who am I to pass up an opportunity to draw beautiful women and high-end lingerie?! My favorite sketches ended up being the quick 5 minute poses of the model, Woodlene. She models for a lot of our fashion sketch nights and is my favorite model thus far.

What's new pussycat? This website!

Welcome to my new and improved website! The transformation was much needed. I'll be posting news, events and process updates on here as much as possible. Hopefully I can keep you coming back for more! :)

<3 Tara